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DTV Prompt®

Go Digital in the shower

DTV Prompt® Digital Showering System

Modern life has its demands. Whether you are tired, stressed or still a bit asleep, a good shower is the perfect way to relax, re-energize or wake you up at the start of your day. In this regard, hydrotherapy is the perfect experience, provided you have the right equipment. DTV Prompt by Kohler is just the answer.

Intuitive, simple-to-use, versatile, customizable and easy-to-install, DTV Prompt offers multiple bathing and showering solutions to meet an array of expectations.


The interface presents an elegant, restrained design and 4 features:

  • Warm-up mode feature. Once the desired temperature is reached, the water pauses until you are ready to step into the shower.
  • Countdown mode feature sets the duration of the shower to manage water use and time (4 to 12 minutes).
  • Pause feature lets you pause water flow for up to two minutes (wash your hair), Temperature control limits the maximum temperature for guaranteed safe, family use, thanks to the thermostatic valve.


Easy-to-read, large, intuitive LCD display and buttons: On/pause/off, diverter and temperature control (red or blue arrows).


DTV Prompt’s integrated diverter lets you toggle between water outlets, or run them both simultaneously, thus offering multiple configurations.

For example, you can use together showerhead and bath filler, showerhead and handshower, handshower and side body sprays, handshower and bath filler or showerhead and bath sprays. Other combinations are possible…as you like them.


The system allows the user maximum customization with different parameter settings.
Time can be set to a 12- or 24-hour clock. Temperatures can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. If desired, the Preheating mode can start up when you push the “On” button. You choose the number of water outlets (A or B) and the diverter can be configured onto outlets A or B, or A + B.

The system delivers up to 50 l/min at 3 bars (30 l/min for a single outlet) for a quick bath fill or a multiple spray shower.

Easy to install

Last of all, DTV Prompt is easy to install: the interface connects to the thermostatic valve by a standard phone cord (comes with a 6-meter cable) and mounts to the wall surface. An integrated 12V transformer connects to the power supply.

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