On Conical Bell® vessel bathroom sink

Caravan® Collection Persia on Conical Bell® vessel bathroom sink

Influenced by one of the oldest continuous civilizations, the Caravan® collection Persia design reflects a rich tradition of culture and art. An eye-catching classic, Persia offers a fresh interpretation of Middle Eastern and Indian design traditions, drawing inspiration from decorative architecture and Moorish style. Organic, open line work contrasted with geometric patterns creates a unique juxtaposition and richness with gold and platinum micas. The White background creates an effective canvas for the pattern while offering ease of coordination with other fixtures in the space.

  • Decorated with a Moorish design on White background.
  • Round bowl-like basin.
  • No faucet holes. Requires wall- or counter-mount faucet.
  • Colour: Persia
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Installaion: Vessel
  • W: 412 mm | H: 162 mm | D: 412 mm
The Bold Look of KOHLER Kohler Artist Editions


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