Vessel faceted glass bathroom sink

Briolette™ vessel faceted glass bathroom sink

The Briolette spun glass lavatory creates reflective visual effects through its unique faceted surface. The result: a dynamic interplay of interior and exterior planes and light. Available in a 43-centimeter diameter with a basin depth of slightly more than 10 centimeters, Briolette is a bold, visually distinctive surface, yet is easy to maintain and clean.

Creating these artisan pieces is extremely time-intensive and -sensitive. Glass artisans ply their craft in very brief windows of opportunity; if the timing and temperature is not precise, if they make the slightest misstep, the piece returns to the glass furnace and is recycled to be spun again. Delicate methodology coupled with Kohler’s exacting standards of excellence mean only flawless lavatories meeting the strictest of standards are passed along to the consumer. While perfect, the intricate process creates tiny variances making each lavatory unique—and its own piece of art—through the minute bubbles captured in the surface; a gentle undulation, a portrait of movement forever frozen in glass.

  • Generously sized basin with light-reflecting facets.
  • No faucets holes. Requires wall- or counter-mounted faucet.
  • Fits on a standard size counter top and works with a ranger of faucet styles.
  • Allows felxible faucet and accessory installation.
  • Colour: Ice/Translucent Sandalwood
  • Material: Glass
  • Installaion: Vessel
  • W: 444 mm | H: 120 mm | D: 444 mm
The Bold Look of KOHLER Kohler Artist Editions


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