Artist Editions Basin

Antilia® Wading Pool® glass bathroom sink

Glass. A substance that seems as visionary as it is rooted in daily life, glass has a versatile, fluid nature that lends itself to artistic expression. Cast, spun, slumped or pressed – our glass sinks are crafted by our own small team of artisans in Kohler, Wisconsin. With a precision that rivals watchmaking and a process that can take days, these glassmakers heat, pour and cool glass to capture the right form and texture, color and translucency, shaping basins that range from smooth and sculptural to intricate and patterned.

The legendary island Antilia was said to have been discovered – in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal – by people fleeing Hispania in 734. Today, cartographers know no such island exists, but its intrigue remains. By bestowing this name on the Antilia Wading Pool sink, Kohler celebrates the sense of allure found throughout nature. Slightly curved edges and a subtle, rippled texture convey both the substantial force of nature and its shifting fluidity.

  • Recyangular basin with slightly curved edges.
  • No faucet holes. Requires wall- or counter-mount faucet.
  • Ample area allows for ease of use and creates a sense of grandeur in a bathroom.
  • Colour: Ice
  • Material: Glass
  • Installaion: Drop-in
  • W: 712 mm | H: 69 mm | D: 433 mm
The Bold Look of KOHLER Kohler Artist Editions


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